yesterday at craft group I made this little patchwork flower, I finished a grey poncho I had been working on and made a little card.  today my eldest wanted to go to our local morrisons for lunch so I had my usual salmon sandwiches and fruit and he had a big breakfast.

Happy Tea Tuesday


10 thoughts on “Poncho

  1. You have been busy creating beautiful pieces! Great idea to join fellow crafters at the class and I’ve never seen a patchwork flower before, it looks so lovely with the fabrics and button you have chosen – now you have me wondering how big it is? 😀 Your poncho is a such a pretty shade of grey and your card is wonderful. Thanks for the inspiration, you have given me an idea for a card I need to make too. Your food choice from Morrisons looks so fresh and delicious, I’ll have to give my local store a try one day 😀. Wishing you a Happy T Day! J 😊

  2. You always keep so busy, Lorraine. You make the most beautiful crafts, too. That patchwork flower is gorgeous. What a great way to use up some scraps.

    Your poncho is really lovely, I like the ribbed pattern and the design. You chose a lovely color which can be used with anything, too.

    That is a lovely card, and I know the recipient will adore it.

    I’ve never heard of Morrison’s so it must be a British establishment. But your sandwich and fruit look wonderful, and it looks like you have already finished your drink. Was it hot chocolate, cappuccino or ??? Thanks for sharing your wonderful crafts and your food and drink at Morrison’s for T this Tuesday.

  3. Its a really pretty patchwork flower and the poncho looks beautiful.
    Your meal from Morrisons looked very tasty.
    Happy T day

  4. The poncho is beautiful, Lorraine! It looks very soft and comfy. Your patchwork flower is lovely. I wonder what you will do with it. The salmon sandwich in such a nice presentation is making my mouth water 😉

    Happy T-Day! Hugs, Eileen

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