Simplify your life

I have switched to Decaf Yorkshire tea as I was drinking too much caffeine..lovely taste but dont think I will change my coffee first thing of a morning as need caffeine then! I have been tidying up my craft room trying to simplify my life as I have too much!  I always need to be crocheting so I think this might turn into a yoga bag.  Reading is a good way to relax before bed and I favour biographies and travel books such as this fascinating one called Among the Russians. Yesterday at craft group we used vintage papers to make these holly hobby cards. I have used one with a seaside background for the UKS stampers postcards swap…well back to decluttering and may I take this opportunity to wish all my US friends a Happy 4th of July

Happy Tea Tuesday


12 thoughts on “Simplify your life

  1. Happy 4th of July to you too, Lorraine!

    I recently finished de-cluttering and organizing my craft room/supplies. Ahhh. It feels so good to be able to breathe and know where everything is! The challenge now: keeping it de-cluttered 😉

    Happy T-Day! Hugs, Eileen

  2. I’m with you on caffeine in the AM and then a switch to decafe:) I really enjoy biographies and travel books as well. Hope to get more decluttering done regarding my art supplies once my son moves out. I remeber Holly Hobby being very popular at one time. Sweet cards. Happy T day!

  3. Thank you for the happy 4th Lorraine! I read before bed too but i love fiction and adventure stories, thrillers, mysteries…I remember Holly Hobby too… boy that was a long time ago… Happy T day! Hugs! deb

  4. I gave up caffeine a long time ago and I’ve not seen decaf Yorkshire Tea before either 😀. My little luxury is green tea once a day brewed a certain way to minimise any caffeine. It’s amazing how things creep into your craft space … lol … and it’s wonderful to declutter once in a while. Your Holly Hobby cards are so cute and the seaside background is perfect. Happy T Day! J 😊

  5. You have reminded me I need to declutter in my craft space, too. That happens when I get ready to create a new project, like my ATCs I’ll be making next week.

    Your book sounds like something I might like to read based on the title. I’m into Russian history right now.

    I have never heard of Holly Hobby before, but the image reminds me of the Sunbonnet Sue quilt my grandmother made from fabric left over from the dresses she made me in kindergarten. These are lovely cards. Very effective and will come in handy as needed.

    I’ve never heard of Yorkshire tea, much less decaf. It’s something I’ll need to check into. Thanks for sharing your knitting project, your book, your clever cards, and your tea and adorable mug with us for T this Tuesday.

  6. I drink Yorkshire tea as well, but it has to be full strength for me.
    Good luck with the decluttering, its not an easy task.
    Happy T day.
    Yvonne xx

  7. Yorkshire tea is great. I didn’t know they did decaf. I might get some when we are in the UK this September. I don’t drink tea for that reason. As we drink so much herbal teas, when we drink black tea, we call it ‘builders tea’.
    I love the Frida Kahlo photo, and kudos to you for decluttering. I have had to do a bit of clearing out too, as my craft room is going to be used as a guest room son.
    Yes, I remember Holly Hobby.
    Happy (belated) T-Day,

  8. Hubby drinks Yorkshire decaf as his last tea of the day! During the day we alternate our coffees with decaf too! I used to love items with Holly Hobby on so these are most appealing to me! Good Luck with the decluttering! Belated Happy T Day! Chris

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