Sunflowers, cushions and yoga crochet

So nice to finish projects I started a while ago.  My sons are all off school now so its nice to be able to do a bit of crochet of a night time watching tv etc..I can never just sit there can you? I have just finished this yoga bag and used an old handbag handle..quite pleased with it as it matches my new handbag. Bought myself these lovely sunflowers..such a happy flower to greet me when I enter the house.  My son is still mad on Harry Potter and made these bookmarks..he is reading the second book at the moment..its lovely to see him curled up with a book like I used to and still do.  I am currently reading Gadfly in Russia by Alan Sillitoe.  Keeping on the russian theme I finished this russian doll cushion from a craft group I attend and decided to make a Toscana tea towel sent to me by an Italian friend into a cushion too as I think the colours go well together.


while my sons were still in bed early this morning I decided to have a bit of craft “me time” drinking my ethiopian coffee from freshly ground beans.  I am currently making a bag out of an old coffee sack so will share that next week perhaps when its finished

IMG_20170725_112806_147 sunflowers outside havent bloomed yet but will be able to see the happy flowers out of my craft area window hopefully soon

well off to take the sons out in the sunshine

Happy Tea Tuesday and paper players card sketch no 354 challenge


14 thoughts on “Sunflowers, cushions and yoga crochet

  1. The sunflowers look so bright and welcoming. Your creative projects all look fabulous as well.
    Happy T day.
    Yvonne xx

  2. What pretty sunflower embellishments Lorraine – a perfect accent for your sentiment against those vibrant patterned background. Thanks for joining us over at The Paper Players this week!

  3. how nice to treat yourself to the flowers. Your yoga bag is unique and very nice looking. Adorable bookmarks by your son. Love the patterned birthday cards! Happy T day!

  4. Sunflowers are one of my favorites. The sunflower farms here are in full bloom, but my wild ones haven’t bloomed yet.

    Ethiopian coffee from freshly ground beans sounds right down my alley 🙂 I’m joining you in spirit. Happy T Tuesday!

  5. Love your yoga mat bag, Lorraine. How clever of you to use an old handbag strap.

    Your international-themed pillows go beautifully together. Sunflowers have always fascinated me. They’re huge, cheerful and then give us those wonderful tasty seeds.

    Happy T-Day! Hugs, Eileen

  6. I love seeing the great pieces of art you are making now that you have a little free time. I think you’ve been having a little bit of fun. Happy T day. Erika

  7. Wonderful sunflowers, Lorraine. They are real beauties, and brighten up any space. Speaking of space, those new pillows are bright and cheerful. The nesting Russian doll is adorable and the Tuscana beauty is lovely. Can’t believe it started as a tea towel.

    Your cards are genuinely gorgeous and I like how you made them while drinking your freshly ground Ethiopian coffee. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful things you have created this week as well as your Ethiopian coffee for T this Tuesday.

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