12 thoughts on “Cup of Tree

  1. What a beautiful painting! I love the colours you used and the tree growing from the cup is perfect 😀. It’s lovely to finally see the blossom on the trees and your cherry blossom looks so pretty! Happy T Day! J 😊

  2. Good morning, I love your painting and wow love seeing those cherry blossoms-so beautiful. A wonderful walk
    Happy T Day Kathy

  3. beautiful mixed media painting Lorraine-love the heart shaped blooms! The cherry blossoms look so pretty. We are way behind on any spring blooms in my parts… happy T day!

  4. Its a beautiful painting, lovely spring colours. Your photos with the blossom on the trees are lovely, the park seems a pretty area to walk in.
    Happy T day wishes.
    Yvonne xx.

  5. “Cup of Tree” – it took me a moment to get the reference – lol. The phrase is delightful and so is your painting, Lorraine.

    Happy T-day! Hugs, Eileen

  6. I need to make time to do some painting too Lorraine… I’m so glad you shared your tree and cup of tea this T day. Hugs! deb

  7. Life springs from caffeine!! lol…love your tree in a cup, and thanks so much for sharing the cherry tree photo! Spring is taking forever to arrive here, and I needed that. Happy T day very late! 🙂

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