Cards, crochet n bara brith

Now the weather is getting slightly milder I have been able to get in my craft corner in the conservatory so have been making cards this week for mums day which is this Sunday and also Welsh birthday cards too as it was St Davids day this week.  My mum is Welsh and she gave me a Welsh recipe book so decided to make bara brith today I will bake it when I cook the evening meal.  Yesterday I had a wander around the charity shops and stopped off for a coffee and a the surprise words that met me when I drank some dont forget everybody your awesome! This morning I went to a new knit and natter group which was really welcoming with poetry readings whilst we were knitting or in my case crocheting.  I have been having a go at rug making of an evening as I picked up a kit in a charity shop..Im not following the pattern but am thinking waves at the moment…have a nice week.

Happy Tea Tuesday

12 thoughts on “Cards, crochet n bara brith

  1. Such a fabulous post and I loved seeing your photo collage! The cards you created are amazing such happy and bright colours and I love the little bunny rabbit with the flower seed heads – beautiful 😁. Your bara brith looks so yummy and the coffee cup is amazing with it’s positive sentiment and it must have been such a lovely surprise as it was revealed too, I love it! Wishing you a very Happy T Day! J 😊

  2. I am truly impressed with the cards you made. They are fabulous. I had no idea what bara brith was, so looked it up. Yours certainly looks like it is going to be tasty.

    So glad you went to the charity shop, then to have a coffee afterward. I think they must get a lot of repeat business, just so they can find the wonderful sentiment in the cup. Thanks for sharing your cards, your ffflowers, your crochet, and your awesome coffee with us for T this Tuesday, dear Lorraine.

  3. A lovely collage of photos and the cards you made look beautiful. Your bara brith looks yummy and the words in the cup of coffee would have been a really lovely surprise.
    Happy T day wishes.
    Yvonne xx

  4. You caught my eye with all those photos. It sounds like you have been busy in a GOOD way! Can I ask what bara brith is? A bread? A dessert? That’s a new one for me over on the far side of the pond. Hope it was a fantastic T day. Hugs-Erika

  5. I enjoyed all of your photos too. Your dessert looks delicious-and I really loved your cup-you are awesome too!!
    Happy T for Tuesday

  6. Great collage!
    The things you can find in a charity shop! I used to be a charity shop queen when we lived in the UK. (I miss it now).
    I love Bara Brith. I make it often. But my recipy calls for the fruit to be soaked in black (sweetened) tea overnight. By the morning all the liquid is soaked up in the fruit. My Spanish friends love it.
    Happy belated T-Day,

  7. I love your photo collage, Lorraine! Your cards are terrific. I’d love to see the cards close up. I had to look up bara brith. The recipes sound delicious, though I’m not sure they’re authentic – like yours.

    The “You’re awesone” cup is really cool. I think everyone should have one of those 😉

    Happy T-day! Hugs, Eileen

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