Blue hair wardrobes n bags

my sons are off school now so not much getting done craftwise..but I have been starting a new grey crochet bag with handles and have got all the pieces ready for my coffee sack bag.  Today has been visit the dentist day so treated my son to a doughnut and a teacake for myself as we were so brave..he then wanted blue hair dye so bought him some spray on wash out colour..doesnt he look cool.  My eldest son put together this little white bedside table to hold my teamaker and it goes really well with our new white wardrobes which he also helped to put together..its handy having lots of sons sometimes!

Before I forget..if any of you are members of the craft artist daisy trail community they are closing down so you need to make sure you download the digital craft kits before 11th August…got some great bargains and free stuff on there at the moment!

Happy Teacake Tuesday!



Sunflowers, cushions and yoga crochet

So nice to finish projects I started a while ago.  My sons are all off school now so its nice to be able to do a bit of crochet of a night time watching tv etc..I can never just sit there can you? I have just finished this yoga bag and used an old handbag handle..quite pleased with it as it matches my new handbag. Bought myself these lovely sunflowers..such a happy flower to greet me when I enter the house.  My son is still mad on Harry Potter and made these bookmarks..he is reading the second book at the moment..its lovely to see him curled up with a book like I used to and still do.  I am currently reading Gadfly in Russia by Alan Sillitoe.  Keeping on the russian theme I finished this russian doll cushion from a craft group I attend and decided to make a Toscana tea towel sent to me by an Italian friend into a cushion too as I think the colours go well together.


while my sons were still in bed early this morning I decided to have a bit of craft “me time” drinking my ethiopian coffee from freshly ground beans.  I am currently making a bag out of an old coffee sack so will share that next week perhaps when its finished

IMG_20170725_112806_147 sunflowers outside havent bloomed yet but will be able to see the happy flowers out of my craft area window hopefully soon

well off to take the sons out in the sunshine

Happy Tea Tuesday and paper players card sketch no 354 challenge

Beatles, rain n jam

I go to a craft group at St Peters church in Woolton where the Beatles met 50 yrs ago so the village has been having a Beatles week…to commemorate it we made this collaged tray and a little heart too


a friend gave us some rhubarb so I had a go at making rhubarb, ginger and honey jam..its quite nice on some toast.  A favourite place to visit is the Hayloft in Lydiate which has peacocks everywhere and this time a little gift shop so I bough some lovely fruit, a new handbag and my son wanted this reindeer cushion.  I am currently catching up with the reset girls planner challenge and making this little planner using up my stash of papers.  I have just come back from a lovely lunch with my eldest son at our local Morrisons where the salmon n cucumber sandwiches are delicious..the cafe has a had a refit and I love the teapot table number holder. My youngest son is mad on Harry Potter at the moment so he made a little wand using a chopstick, paint and glue…I think it looks fabulous and I love it when he wants to play in the craft area.

Happy Tea Tuesday

Simplify your life

I have switched to Decaf Yorkshire tea as I was drinking too much caffeine..lovely taste but dont think I will change my coffee first thing of a morning as need caffeine then! I have been tidying up my craft room trying to simplify my life as I have too much!  I always need to be crocheting so I think this might turn into a yoga bag.  Reading is a good way to relax before bed and I favour biographies and travel books such as this fascinating one called Among the Russians. Yesterday at craft group we used vintage papers to make these holly hobby cards. I have used one with a seaside background for the UKS stampers postcards swap…well back to decluttering and may I take this opportunity to wish all my US friends a Happy 4th of July

Happy Tea Tuesday

Simple cards and art page

had a little bit of time today to make some cards for Just add ink 


Watching Glastonbury I painted this after listening to the Rag n Bone man singing Human so will enter it for

mix it monthly  theme is song lyrics for this month, circles at art journal journey and the numbers theme over at Try it on Tuesday

Painted these glass jars yesterday at craft group so just waiting for nice weather again as I think they will look nice with tealights in them.  Just had a walk to the shop with my eldest son so quick look at a magazine and a nice cup of tea before my other 2 sons arrive home

Happy tea Tuesday






Tea wellbeing

Its been a difficult week as my Dad has been in hospital thankfully he is back home now. last week I started going to a new gym..its a fantastic place and I drive past the river to get I enjoyed a delicious proper pot of tea after a relaxing swim, steam and important to have time for ourselves.  we have been having a mini heatwave so the paddling pool has been out in the back garden and last night I made this little arty postcard for the UK Stampers swap..inspired by the prisoner tv series called “you r more than just a number”

happy tea tuesday

and also to a new challenge blog for me Try it on Tuesday as suggested in the comments



yesterday at craft group I made this little patchwork flower, I finished a grey poncho I had been working on and made a little card.  today my eldest wanted to go to our local morrisons for lunch so I had my usual salmon sandwiches and fruit and he had a big breakfast.

Happy Tea Tuesday