Hello December

Cant believe its December already hasn’t this year gone quick.  I got all the Christmas decorations down yesterday but we don’t light the outside of the house until the 12th.  I went to Ikea yesterday and  bought this lovely cup and a cinnamon roll treat. I went there because I needed a new reading light..but what an ordeal Ikea is..wish they would make it easier to buy things rather than have to follow its one way system that takes ages and is too stressful! I love music and the middle painting is inspired by my eldest son who is always listening to korean music especially Big Bang..the painting also links up with this poem..click here to read it.  Leading up to Christmas can be quite a dark time for many people and I wanted to paint about darkness of spirit too..click here to read the excellent poem that it links up to.  Today I made another dress using up the purple material I got..added a panel to it and sleeves from an old loved top that doesn’t fit anymore..very pleased with it.  Have a lovely weekend.

Happy Paint Party Friday


Baking, cards, dress n art

its been a very cold week so have been using my breadmaker again to make some lovely bread to go with my homemade soup.  I have been printing off some of my artwork for Christmas cards to raise money for charity. I really like the lagenlook oversize clothes  so wanted to make a similar type of oversize comfy top..the jersey material really drapes well and have added a pocket too. The painting is all about the divine light within us all..to read the beautiful accompanying poem click here

Happy Paint Party Friday



Creative hygge


A busy last couple of days creatively as the weather gets very cold with freezing cold rain. I bought this lovely owl jersey material and am very pleased as have made a dress out of it.  The secret is to use a knit foot and a double needle.  I have also been winding more wool for the poncho I am knitting…this always reminds me of when I was younger and I used to help my mum winding her wool.  Yesterday I made a hot pot trivet using pegs..its under the cup in the picture

I made lost of cards at the weekend to sell at chapel..check out the presents challenge at Seize the Birthday.  I am trying to use up papers I have had for ages.

I received an email off The Simple Things with a download all about hygge..intrigued I decided to buy the book and I love it.  As you can see my sons have been helping me make lots of comforting cakes and I made some soup and bread yesterday just watching a candle while it was stormy outside.  Love the concept of hygge…a slowing down, meditative, comforting for the self process.

Happy Tea Tuesday


I see the moon

I have been listening to Leonard Cohen ..”there is a crack in everything thats how the light gets in in” inspired the top painting whilst I had to paint when I saw the super moon..to see the poem this collaborates with click here

The end of autumn and the winter is here. I spotted this glorious acer hidden in the garden so did a bit of pruning to surrounding bushes so it has a chance to grow. Of a night I love crocheting this jumper and I have started on another jersey dress.  Early this morning it was hailstoning so had a chance to don my wellies and big coat and splash in the puddles of life.

Happy Paint Party Friday


Card making calm

Having a calm afternoon at my desk making lots of card to sell at the chapel I attend. I made a card with the Welsh for Happy Birthday too as my Mum is Welsh. I find card making so relaxing once I have got all my supplies to hand.  A refreshing little espresso today too in a cute little cup I bought at a charity shop.

Happy Tea (or coffee) Tuesday

Seize the birthday the top right card is made with a circle card stencil



Why dont they just have a cup of tea

I am sure the US election hysteria is getting on your nerves too..what if they just stopped and had a rest from the bickering over a cup of tea! so here is a little fun watercolour sketch I did this morning.

It was my eldest sons birthday yesterday so we had delicious cake.  In the morning I made this little decoration for my kitchen it smells lovely with all the orange and cinnamon..it will soon be time to make mulled wine and mince pies as Winter draws in.

Happy tea Tuesday


Simple watercolour when you have had enough and “the sense of anguish consumed my breathing”…to read the poem  “Relent”  that this collaborates with click here

Happy Paint Party Friday


It was so unexpected and cruel

I wanted to do a painting with a figure pondering and questioning extremist views and  the cruelty of the north carolina bathroom law which I was watching last night in a documentary called My TransAmerican Road trip.

The painting is loosely based on one of matisse reclining figures and also features matisse patterns which is novembers mix it monthly challenge and collaborates with a poem here…so lots of links this week!


heavy rain this morning so playing around with colours. After the gym I found this lovely old wooden box in a charity shop which is just perfect for my brushes and paints

Happy Paint Party Friay