I wanted to paint some bright colours for a change so painted this for the poem florentine tango..click here to read

Lots of little projects this week so made some little inchies and a wings postcard for the UK  Stampers forum.  On Monday I had a go at making some lovely little bags with some cavallini stamps..think I might put soaps or something in these bags and I made a few cards too.  This week recycling project is a little tin using some nice cardstock and ribbons I managed to get from the pound shop and a little printable from victoria thatcher.

Have a good week and Happy paint party Friday







Lots of


hello spring


A friend has given up items in plastic packaging for Lent so I thought I would try and alter plastic packaging for Lent instead.  The Spring wreath started off as a plastic food container which I added papers, stamped inchies and embellishments too. I used pizza packaging for the outside and am very pleased with it.  The little coffee book is made from plastic amazon gift cards and holds little inspiring words for me to ponder as I drink my morning coffee.


I was asked to do some paintings as part of a collaboration to do with the stations of the cross..to read the poems click here.

Happy Paint Party Friday where its the 6th birthday celebration


Safe from the storm

We were hit by storm Doris yesterday so I am glad that I had a warm house to watch the wind and rain outside..I finished this small crochet blanket whilst we had a dvd day watching Waynes world as my sons are on half term this week.  I made this little candle earlier in the week from an Aldi kit but I didnt want to use the votives supplied but found this cup in the garden which is just perfect.  Early this morning I did this painting called lets us remake the world..starting with ourselves. To see the short poem it collaborates with click here.

Happy Paint Party Friday

Painting, crochet and reading

This week there is a a definite spring like feeling in the air so have been busy tidying up my front garden..dont you just love to see the little crocus bulbs trying to poke through.  As you can see I have been crocheting granny squares to go around the edge of my neutral blanket.  I am still reading the superb A Wild Herb Soup by Emilie Carles which I recommend as its all about growing up in France in the last century.  This morning I have painted a very simple almost abstract hand and the words read ..”clasp my open hand my friend”..to read the poem it was inspired by click here.

Happy Paint Party Friday and hope its Spring like near you too.




Embrace yourself with love

This week its still cold but I think spring is on its way. I treated myself to some lovely dinner plates and they have certainly been a talking point as they are very arty.  I am making  a spring bunting at the moment and so far I love the way the embossing powder has reacted with the foil. I made a create holder from a beauty box to hold the cards I make and did a simple watercolour about giving yourself a big hug when things seem to be going wrong in life…to see the poem this collaborates with click here.

Happy paint party Friday

A space of my own

Sometimes as crafters and artists we hoard too much stuff so I have been sorting it all out for the past couple of weeks.  I bought these ikea kallax shelves and they have been perfect to create a comfy corner where I can craft in the conservatory.  I have been making quite a lot of things too such as printing my paintings for cushions, painting  watercolours and making pretty stuff including this pink dress I made last night. Dont forget to check my instagram Lorraines Arty Stuff to see what I am up to.


Todays painting is called ..”but the young are held in our hands” to read the poem that this collaborates with click here

Happy Paint Party Friday