blackbird in the sun


playing with paint this morning inspired by the sun and the blackbird in my garden for the mix it monthly challenge. I have always liked the use of yellows in van goghs paintings so have used lots of yellow in this fun piece painted with my fingers


finished a rag rug last was one of those unfinished projects that I had for awhile..made out of old shirts, jeans and tshirts..very cosy though and glad I managed to finish it at last.

Blackberries, wool and humility


A week of picking blackberries, making cakes and looking at the beautiful passionflower in my garden.  I have also been using the jacobs fleece I bought recently to make a felted rose for my hat, some beads to wear and a little coaster for my the natural colours and working with raw wool.  I painted this watercolour early this morning and the words read:

Humility, the Mother of all virtues, will liberate us from ourselves.

to read the rest of the poem and see a bigger version of the painting please click here.

Happy Paint Party Friday



I love yoga and am grateful to my Dad for teaching it to me when I was 12 so a very long time ago! Love these words:

May you be open  to that calling which waits for you..

from a poem by Philip here to read the rest of his beautiful poetry


I am not really a party animal anymore but what I do love is to visit wool shows.  I drove 2hrs up to York Auction centre today to visit the British wool show and loved it. I also won this lovely necklace from the macmillan charity raffle. There is just something about sheep isnt there and the smell of wool.  I am washing some shetland fleece at the moment and got some lovely cheviot fleece too.

happy paint party friday



for the love of camping


A little painting I did last week called ..sorry I forgot your luggage to accompany this poem by Philip Waldron


Our first camping trip this year to Shropshire..we had a great time with our wellies on wading up this little stream


we visited Acton Stott working farm in Church Stretton. My sons were saying Mum here is your new studio..I can but dream. Its a superb farm recommend if you are in the area


It was so nice sewing this little patchwork bowl outside watchimg the stream and my sons playing in the stream. I think I will add some crochet around the top and give it to my mum for her birthday soon


my heart knows no other dance..another little watercolour to accompany this poem by Philip Waldron

happy paint party friday



I’ve started so I’ll finish

So many projects on the go and getting around to finishing them before the long school holidays start. First of all I wanted to use the cotton I had recently dyed using indigo


I added some patchwork  to this bag to go with my tunic


I found some old Prima magazine patterns so decided to have a go at making a tunic..I am really pleased at the end result. The darts and sleeves were tricky but I am glad I stuck with it.


wp-image-712852683jpeg.jpegI finished this book cushion filled with lavender…I love reading of a night and the lavender is a good sleep aid too…the words read “Happiness is a cup of tea and a good book”


A painting I did after the tragic events of Nice..its called cloak of kindness and is inspired by a poem by Philip Waldron here


and lastly please dont forget to buy yourself flowers..arent these lovely.

Happy Tea Tuesday

Just let it go


Painting to accompany some poetry by Philip sure to visit his blog by clicking the link to read some excellent poetry and meditations

Never Give Up!

Painting by Lorraine Rigby. 2016.

It begins with doubt, the seed that resides comfortably in your soul…
you have allowed it to take home…..
it feeds from your fear
it feeds from your brokenness
it feeds from your insecurity
it grows hiding your potential
it grows hiding your creativity
it grows hiding your deep self…….
it has wrapped itself around you showing the world a different you.

……………………….strong self, ready to break free from this entity that has become the false you.

Remember the true self?

……………………………………there I am.

Take hold of that fear, breathe into it…hold it, consume all of that which has held you back….

In Stillness and quiet
with compassion and forgiveness….just let it go

Happy Paint Party Friday